Get to Know Karianne


Karianne was born in Nebraska and spent her growing up years living in Nebraska and Massachusetts. She came to Utah to attend Brigham Young University. While there, she met her husband of 24 years, Seth Lisonbee. They have 6 children.


Karianne is serving her second term on the Syracuse City Council. She has served on several nonprofit boards, and is currently serving as the Legislative Liaison for the UHEA.

Karianne has interfaced with our elected officials on Capitol Hill for over eight years. She has a solid knowledge of the legislative process and has developed positive and collaborative relationships with our elected officials.

Though it seems it is never easy to hold public office, Karianne believes this is a particularly critical time in our nation’s history. She has proven herself to be an independent thinker who can and will make tough decisions.


Karianne is deeply patriotic and reveres the founders of our great nation and all who have served with fidelity. Each year Karianne organizes the Syracuse Memorial Day Service. She has come to love this event and the solemn thoughts and feelings that come as those who have given their all are honored.


In her leisure time, Karianne enjoys spending time with her family, reading, doing family history work, camping, and writing.