The most important endorsements any elected official can receive are constituent endorsements

These local leaders endorse Karianne

  • Jerry Stevenson, Senator, Utah Senate District 18
  • Curt Oda, Representative, Utah House District 14
  • Brad Wilson, Representative, Utah House District 15
  • Mike Schultz, Representative, Utah House District 12
  • Ken Ivory, Representative, Utah House District 47
  • Todd Richardson, Davis County Sheriff
  • Keri Benson, Clearfield City Council
  • Nike Peterson, Clearfield City Council
  • Michael LeBaron, Former Clearfield City Council
  • Andrea Anderson, Syracuse City Council
  • Corinne Bolduc, Syracuse City Council
  • Dave Maughan, Syracuse City Council
  • Larry Shingleton, Former Syracuse City Council

Citizen Endorsements

  • Laura Warburton: Karianne has the perfect mixture of conviction and diplomacy. She's effective on the hill now and she'll be effective as an elected state representative.
  • Grant Jex: I have known Karianne for several years. She is exactly the kind of politician we need in our state government. I give an enthusiastic endorsement to Karianne Lisonbee.
  • Joe Levi: As a Concerned Citizen, I met Karianne when I attended meetings and spoke before the Syracuse City Council. Karianne was faced with a liberal activist mayor who wanted to re-write the City statutes to shift power from elected Councilmembers to mayoral-appointees. Other changes reduced the voice of Councilmembers and Citizens alike. Karianne saw through these attempts and fought to keep the voice of the People with their elected representatives. I later served with Karianne on the Executive Committee of the Davis County Republican Party where she diligently represented her neighbors. Karianne is principled and stands by her convictions. My only regret is that I don't live in her district - otherwise I'd have her sign in my yard, and she could count on my vote on election day.
  • Joyce Kinmont: I have known for years that Karianne would be a naturally great legislator. She understands Constitutional principles, she is experienced in city government as a councilwoman and in working with legislators as a citizen lobbyist, and she has courage. So happy to see her running for the Utah State Legislature now! She has our family’s votes.
  • Corinne Bolduc: Karianne Lisonbee is the most knowledgeable candidate on current issues, the history on how we got here, and what we can do about it. If a new issue presents itself, she investigates, talks to people, and finds out all the facts, putting in the work necessary for appropriate and responsible decision making. She is the only person ready to serve at the state level because of her experience with city government and interacting with the State Legislature on issues that affect us all. Karianne is committed to keeping taxes low with innovative, cost-effective solutions and by minimizing government. And, most importantly, she is experienced at boldly bringing attention to and stopping government over-reach by those who are in positions of power. A vote for Karianne is a vote for your rights.
  • Tom Parke: Karianne is a trusted Conservative who always puts the Constitution and its principles first. She is willing to listen to all sides and find solutions to problems. She is not swayed by the ever changing winds in politics. I enthusiastically endorse Karianne Lisonbee for Utah House District 14.
  • Nike Peterson: I support Karianne and have seen how involved and knowledgeable she is in both city and state government. Karianne is first and foremost a voice for those she represents, unafraid to take a stand and advocate for their rights and concerns. She not only supports critical issues like greater local control of government and parental rights to make education choices for their children, but I've seen her passionately defend those rights amidst intense opposition. Karianne has spent the last eight legislative sessions actively following bills and working with local House and Senate leaders. That experience, as well as relationships with other representatives that Karianne has cultivated, makes her the right fit for Utah House District 14.
  • TJ Jensen: During my service as a member of the Syracuse City Planning Commission, I've had the opportunity to observe Karianne throughout her service on the Syracuse City Council, in her first as well as second term to which she was recently re-elected. As a Councilwoman, Karianne takes the time to thoroughly research the various issues, and takes the time to meet with concerned citizens as well as our city staff and other involved parties. She also takes the time to reach out to those in other cities facing similar issues, in order to help find the best solutions for our own residents. She works to ensure that matters are dealt with fairly, and that citizen's rights are respected throughout the process. In addition to local city matters, she has continued to keep an eye on several important matters which the State Legislature deals with. Here again she takes the time to research key issues, getting input from fellow citizens as well as those who enact and implement policy, and then shares her own research with our local representatives, while lending her own voice to those citizens which have similar concerns on these issues. She takes her fiscal responsibility as Councilwoman for Syracuse City very seriously. By working together with our other Council members as well as City Staff, they have ensured that Syracuse City Tax dollars are being maximized, being spent responsibly and frugally, all while still meeting the needs of our residents, the City, and it's employees in the process. As a fiscal conservative, she is an excellent voice for the taxpayer, both on a local as well as on the State level. I've been very impressed with Karianne's level-headedness, her wealth of knowledge of various issues, and how she genuinely cares about people, both in her personal life as well as in the public arena. The citizens of Syracuse are indeed fortunate to have Karianne as one of our excellent Council Members here in Syracuse. Based on her record to date, Karianne is an excellent choice as a candidate whom will strongly represent the residents, businesses, and cities which comprise Utah House District 14.
  • Ralph Vaughn: Karianne Lisonbee has my endorsement for election to the office of Representative for Utah's 14 District. As the current chairman of the Syracuse Planning Commission, I have been in numerous meetings with her and believe in her leadership abilities and her understanding of the governmental process. I believe that she will represent the interests of our district to the highest level in the Utah House of Representatives. She has great knowledge of state laws, current and proposed, and, has an understanding of the inner workings of Utah government through her work as a legislative analyst. She already knows the currently serving officials and the issues facing all of us on the state level plus having the ability to work with other state and regional leaders. A vote for Kari is a vote for strong representation from our district.

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